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Why Regular Vet Appointments are Important for Pet Health

Why are regular vet visits important?

Our pets don’t always communicate with us in ways that we can understand– your dog or cat can’t simply tell you that something is wrong, or indicate through their barking or meowing specifically that something’s up. While as pet owners, we’re able to notice the subtle changes in their behaviors or vocalizing, we don’t always know for sure what the issue is. 

Since we want the best for our pets, we want to prioritize their health! The best way to make sure your pet is healthy and safe is to schedule regular visits with your vet. Most veterinarians recommend an annual checkup– this way, they can catch any unknown underlying conditions, prevent disease, take special care of aging pets, and answer questions. 

Why should I schedule regular visits with my vet? 

Underlying conditions: With the exception of changing behavior, our pets aren’t able to communicate clearly with us. Even if their behavior changes, it’s not always a clear indicator that something’s wrong– but it IS a good idea to visit your vet if this happens. By checking in with your vet, even if only to “be on the safe side,” you’re more likely to catch any lurking underlying conditions that you weren’t aware of. It’s always better to “be on the safe side”! 

Preventing disease: Along with catching underlying conditions, regular trips to the vet help prevent disease. If you work PROactively for your pet’s health, you maintain their health, and in some cases, improve it! Work against disease BEFORE it happens, rather than after– saving you time and money,  and keeping your pet happy, healthy, and joyful! 

Aging pets: As our pets age, we must care for them in different ways. Older pets have different needs than younger pets, and require more attention in different ways. Vets are well-acquainted with specific behavioral needs, and understand the changes that come with age well enough to address them and give you advice for proper care. 

Answering questions: Vets are specialists– which is why we go to them with our questions and concerns. You can do all the internet research in the world and still not have the breadth of knowledge of a practicing veterinarian. Vets give you immediate, personal answers to questions, and take the time and care to know your pet before jumping to conclusions– something you’re in danger of if you only stick to internet research!